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Prisma Health

The support from our community has given us the opportunity to donate the funds for a facility dog at Prisma Health. Kenzie, part of the Canine FETCH program, has a full time job providing emotional support to children in crisis at Julie Valentine and Prisma Health Child Advocacy centers. Kenzie basically has super powers! Thank you Greenville for supporting us so we can support our community!  Prisma Health Canine Fetch Unit

Greenville Drive

It's a barking good time! Noble Dog Hotel is the main sponsor for Bark in the Park for the Greenville Drive. What better way to spend a summer night than watching baseball with your best fur-friend.  Just another blessing from the support of our community that allows us to continue to give back to Greenville! Greenville Drive

Canine Healing Project

The Canine Healing Project is Noble Dog's 501c3 non-profit. Our mission is to rescue dogs, train them to be therapy dogs and find them loving homes. Therapy dogs provide comfort to our community by visiting hospitals, special needs centers, schools, senior living homes, and other facilities. Although not every dog we rescue has the right temperament to be a therapy dog, they are still amazing dogs. We provide training for life to all families that adopt from us so long as they put in the work to keep up with their training.  Canine Healing Project

Nature's Select

They keep our Canine Healing dogs fueled up and healthy by providing them with premium grade kibble. We are extremely grateful for their support. You can find Nature's Select food in our retail area! Nature's Select

Bonnie Brae Vet

Bonnie Brae provides incredible care to all animals. We trust them with the care of our Canine Healing dogs! Although it's a bit of a drive, we think it is totally worth it! Bonnie Brae Veterinarian 

Sgt. Willow

Greenville County Sheriffs Office

Sgt Willow was the first therapy dog used in South Carolina law enforcement. She also makes frequent therapy dog visits to schools, nursing homes, and other first responder facilities. Noble Dog Hotel provides training, grooming, boarding and daycare for this special pup!  Sgt. Willow