Love In the Wake of Loss – Alyssa & Oban

“Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.”– Orhan Pamuk

Alyssa is the manager of The Noble Dog Hotel in Greenville, South Carolina. Currently housed within the hotel is The Canine Healing Project, a non-profit rescue geared toward training therapy dogs which was conceptualized by the owner of Noble Dog.

Still feeling her recent losses keenly, Alyssa had been looking online at the local shelter’s list of adoptable dogs when Oban caught her eye. A handsome, sand-colored Pitbull, Oban had been at the shelter or fostered for nearly three months, and no one had yet expressed interest in him. He seemed like a great candidate for the adoption and training program at The Canine Healing Project. With that in mind, Alyssa headed to Oban’s foster home to meet him, never anticipating that she would be leaving the house as his new owner.

After a short visit, she knew it was meant to be. He quickly captured her heart and she called Jen, the owner of Noble Dog and Canine Healing, to let her know that Oban would not be joining the therapy program, but instead would be going home with her.

Alyssa still had her two other dogs, Summit and Marcus, who quickly accepted Oban into the pack. Now, all three of them enjoy coming to work with mom almost every day. Oban, still basically a puppy at two years old, is full of energy and enjoys playing with other dogs and taking long walks. He has been a perfect fit for Alyssa, whose favorite activities include hiking, crossfit, relaxing at dog-friendly breweries and hanging out with her family and their dog.

Recently, Oban surprised her with a new trick – jumping a six-foot-high fence. Thankfully, he was not lost for very long and he is safe and sound. One of the most endearing qualities for Alyssa that Oban possesses is how gentle and sweet he is with her newborn, Nora.

Oban’s training has not always been a piece of cake, but it has been one of the things that Alyssa believes has strengthened their bond. “Losing two dogs close together is rough,” she said. “he (Oban) came into my life and needed me and a lot of work. We created a strong bond from all of the work he required.”

Three dogs and a new baby truly make for a full house, but she would not have it any other way. Those who have the love and selflessness needed to rescue a dog always overcome the obstacles. In fact, the obstacles often become the very things that draw dog and human together.