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Price Varies

Below you will find a myriad of programs available to help create harmony between you and your dog. We use a variety of resources, tools, and techniques to create a balanced dog. Dogs thrive with structure, consistency, and clear boundaries. In other words, they need you to be their leader. Affection and rewards should be earned through good behavior. We will help you understand how to build an incredible, respectful bond with your dog. You will be the envy of all your friends with the best behaved dog! Complete this form and schedule a consult with one of our trainers today!

Kids Training Seminar



Once a month our trainers host a kids training seminar to teach kids how to provide leadership for their dog and build a strong bond. This class is free, however, donations for our non-profit, Canine Healing Project, are appreciated. Ages 7-14. Class size is limited and sign up is required. 

Check our events calendar for upcoming seminars. 

Pack Walks

No Cost

Available to any of our training clients free of charge! These outings help with any issues you might have after completing one of our programs. We want to help you stay on top of your dog’s progress. The walk usually lasts about 30-45 minutes. We hope to get some Pack Hikes going in the future. Check with our trainers for dates of this months pack walks!



Available for dogs that have already been through one of our training programs. A great option to keep your dog focused and on track with their commands. 

Noble Enrichment Daycare


This daycare is held on specific weeks or days to enrich your dog's daycare experience. They spend 3 hours in the morning in a small group with one of our team members and are encouraged to build their confidence on balance beams, balance balls, tunnels, the bosu and other activities for a mentally and physically stimulating daycare. Sign up is required. Dogs cannot be food or toy aggressive and must get along with all sizes of dogs.  Cost is $45/day or $200 for the week.

Virtual Session with Trainer


If you need some advice on a minor issue with your dog, this is a great option! 

This 30 minute session is $35 for previous training clients. 

Walking Lesson


Is your dog always excited for that walk and practically tries to pull your arm out of socket? This session includes daycare, a walking lesson with our trainer and a prong collar if applicable. 

Pet First Aid


Once a month, we host a Pet First Aid class. Learn how to recognize signs of bloat, heat stroke, how to perform CPR, help a choking dog and more. 

At completion of the class you will receive a pet first aid kit, certification, and documents covering the information you learned. 

*Class sizes is limited. Sign up is required. 

Check our events calendar for upcoming classes. 

Walking Program


Is your dog uncontrollable on leash reacting to people or dogs on leash? This is the program for you. Our trainer will spend two hours with your dog on the initial visit, followed by two one-hour sessions with you and your dog. With the help of our trainer you can take back the lead!

Noble Enrichment Daycare


This class is offered in a daycare setting with no more than 10 dogs in the group. They are encouraged to build their confidence on the balance beam, balance balls, the tunnel, the bosu and other activities for a balance of both mental and physical stimulation. All dogs must get along in the group and dogs cannot be food or toy aggressive. They may attend daily $45/day or for the entire week $200/week. Sessions run from 8am-4pm Monday to Friday.  Sign up is required 

Noble Enrichment Academy


This is a one week daycare class in a controlled environment. Sessions run from 8am-4pm Monday to Friday. The cost is $250 for the week.  Enrichment classes lead to a more balanced dog as we challenge them both physically and mentally throughout the day. Each dog will receive a doggie venture, core work on balance balls, treadmill work, agility, place work, social time, and a gluten free snack. Class size is limited to 6 dogs. Sign up is required 

Mini Program


This program takes the walking program a bit further by introducing permission based threshold training to you and your dog. If your dog rushes out the door or car this is the perfect program to create a foundation of respect for a healthy, positive family dynamic. We will also introduce place command. The trainer will spend 2 hours with your dog only during the first session followed by two one-hour sessions with you and your dog. 

One on One Program


Five sessions of learning basic obedience, sit, down, place, heel, and recall. This option is great for dog owners who have the time to learn the commands and will work several sessions a day with their dog. You will learn how to teach basic obedience skills and follow through on teaching your dog. Your commitment to spending time each day is vital to your dog's success. 

*Not suitable for aggressive behaviors.

Puppy Program 


Our trainer will lay down the foundation your puppy needs to become that well-mannered dog including walking politely on leash, sit, down, place, potty, crate, proper play, no jumping, no counter surfing, waiting for food, and no mouthing. 4 night, 5 day boarding program for pups between 4-9 months of age. 

Board and Train

Price Varies

This program is tailored to your dog to address specific behavioral issues. Training may include walking, thresholds, place, crate, waiting for food, off leash recall, and more. Once you complete the training questionnaire our trainer will determine the recommended length of time for the board and train along with pricing. 

Therapy Dog Program

No Cost

Are you and your dog looking to become a certified Therapy Dog team? Noble Dog provides Alliance of Therapy Dogs testing and certification.  Dogs that thrive are friendly and have good manners. 

Download and read the Alliance of Therapy Dogs form and contact us to set up your testing once you have the documents required.