Another Chance at Life – Katelyn, Joel, Jack & Molly

“Every dog must have his day.” – Jonathan Swift

Where do we begin with a dog like Molly?

For starters, she probably shouldn’t be alive right now. She is one lucky girl.

It was New Year’s Eve, right before we rang in the year 2020. Taylor, an employee at The Noble Dog Hotel, was on his way to watch the ball drop at the house of a friend. He had loaded his own two dogs, Trudy and Trystan, into his truck and was ready to go have a good time. It was already dark outside by the time he pulled out of his neighborhood onto the windy, hilly road that ran parallel to his street. He was no more than 100 yards down the first hill when he saw a brown, four-legged figure making its way across his path in the dark. He parked in the middle of the street, hit the hazard lights and got out to investigate.

It was a rough-looking old dog with a dazed expression. And she smelled very bad. There was no telling how long she had been wandering around outside. There wasn’t a choice here. If he didn’t help her, she would definitely be hit by another car as it zoomed down this low-visibility road. Taylor put her in the trunk and headed back home. He left her some water and food and let her hangout in the back yard while he was gone at his friend’s house.

When he got home, she had found refuge under the back deck. Unfortunately, she was too terrified to come out, so she spent the night outside (definitely not her first time).

It was clear that this sweet old girl had not been washed in ages, so this was the first item on the agenda. Taylor took her to The Noble Dog Hotel and got some help cleaning her up, then it was off to Greenville Animal Care. It looked like this would be the end of Molly’s time with Noble Dog, but things were happening behind the scenes. The decision was quickly made that Molly should become the newest addition to The Canine Healing Project, and what a sweet surprise this was!

Molly spent a little over six months with The Canine Healing Project, and during that time she caught Katelyn’s eye. Every time Katelyn and Joel brought their dog Jack in for daycare, she would ask about Molly, who loved hanging out at the front desk more than anything. By July of 2020, Katelyn was done being on the fence. She convinced Joel that Jack needed a friend and that Molly was the one.

We are so happy to say that Molly is now in full-time foster care at Katelyn and Joel’s house. She has adjusted to her new life quickly for an old lady, and she is loving it. Despite her age of about thirteen years, Molly accompanies her new family on daily walks (both her new parents are athletic trainers, so they walk a lot). She is a master of climbing hills and can apparently keep up pretty well with her younger brother Jack! She loves chasing him in their backyard and also enjoys performing disappearing acts by quietly finding random places to fall asleep in the house.

Miss Molly has quite an attitude. If not greeted by whomever enters the front door, she will bark until she is acknowledged. This is a habit which began months ago at Noble Dog. Her manners with her canine brother seem to be gentler. She lets Jack lick her face to wake her up from naps and, according to Katelyn, the two have become fast friends.

We could not have hoped for better foster parents for Molly. Katelyn and Joel have really taken the time needed to make our sweet senior girl happy. Living with an old dog can be a challenge, but they have risen to the occasion and gone above and beyond.

No one knows how many months or years Molly has left, but we rest easy knowing that she is well cared for.